Welcome to the backroom! Where we talk about how to sell products and how to run a business, with #realtalk.

Why are we iin the backroom?

We are in the backroom and not on the salesfloor, because there aren't any customers here. We can chat about business and all the things that need to happen with out being asked where something is or how it works.


Meet Jessi

Jessi has been selling products for over 15 years! She has managed people and business. She knows what it takes to run a large business.

  • Let's build your toolbox

    After working retail sales and management, I know what works. I know what these big businesses do to grow thier business. I have worked in several niches and seen what it really takes to grow a business.

  • I don't focus on traffic

    There are so many other businesses that can help you get traffic to your website. I don't like to draw attention to myself, so getting traffic has never been "fun" for me. There is more to business than just getting them into the store.

  • Let's merchendise!

    One of my biggest strenghts is my ablisity to sell things to customers just from setting it up on the shelf in the "correct" order. there

Stay small

My Business supports my family.

I am looking to support my family. This means that I won't be spending a bunch of money on marketing and other bsuiness expenses, which is why I can keep my prices lower than someone else.


Yes I still sell products

I have never been one to "sit still" I usually have some kind of project I am working on. Various craft things but usually focusing on sewing and glass blowing projects.

Business is my passion, it is my number one. This is why the website is all about business, and how to grow yours!


I know and understand shopify

I am not saying that I won't work with any other platform. But I will have better recommendations for you if you are selling your products on Shopify vs any other hosting platform.

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  • Owning a business isn't hard

    It is time consuming. It does take up so much time.

    Have a solid product, have pride in your work, put your customer first, and your business will grow.

  • You can't control everything

    If you haven't hired someone to comeplete the tasks that bring you the most stress, do it now. Let them do it thier way. Let them tell you what "business standards" are for their particular position.