Glass By Ryan FAQ

Manufactured Marbles Re-melts

How big will you make them!?

The marbles are at a 1.50 inch max size

How many Marbles do you need?

It takes about 10-15 manufactured mables to make one 1.5in remelted marble.

What happens if the marbles are lost in the mail?

We understand that these are valuable for you, but there is always a chance for marbles to get lost in the mail. If you feel that your marbles are too valuable to get lost by the post office, then we don't suggest using those marbles.

When we you make them?

We are excited to recieve your order and will communicate with you that we have recieved them.

But it will be at least a week before we are able to remelt your marbles

Memorial Glass Art

Do you make Memorial Glass Art?

We do not make any glass with creamation ashes in them.

Have you considered making memorial glass art?

Yes we have considered it. It was even tried, but it is not for us. If you would like a referral to someone who does, contact us!

But I love your art, will you consider mine?

We really appreciate the gesture, unfortunatly the chemical reation in the glass isn't something we are ready to work with right now. Thank you for understanding.

Contacting Ryan

Facebook Group

If you want to follow Ryan's glass journey check out

Where are you selling them?!?!

They are sold in various groups in Facebook and other means. If you would like to see inside of the case just send him a message!