Jessi is simply incredible! I don't know what I'd do without her.
Whenever I read through her conversations with our customers, I am amazed at what she is able to do.
As a customer service agent, she translates our brand values and executes them perfectly.
But what truly sets her apart is that she is a master at closing the sale--in the most surprising (to me!) of ways and places.
You might be thinking, what do sales have to do with customer service?
I assure you, if your customer service person/team doesn't know how to sell, you are *missing out*.
And not only that, you are missing $$$! Cash and return customers are waiting for you with Jessi at the helm!
I can't stress enough how amazing it is to see how she skillfully and personably walks a potential customer through their concerns (and even complaints!) and closes the sale.
Whether it's preventing a return from happening at all, turning an agitated customer into a raving fan, educating a customer to choose an upgraded item or additional upsell, and so much more.
Customers want to be heard. Especially online, customers want to know you are real people. And they want to know you'll take care of them.
Jessi's experience in person and online in customer service provides customers exactly what they need, so they can put their objections aside.
She knows exactly what to say to assure customers and give them the confidence they need to purchase from us again and again.
Not only that, but the immense relief I feel knowing I don't have to talk to customers myself for simple issues and questions--I love it!
When I was doing all my own customer service, I would tire of the conversations. In the online world, conversations can drag out over hours (even weeks!) and be on multiple platforms before being over. Even though these conversations are vital to establishing rapport and trust, I would dread the time spent, knowing I had a thousand other tasks to do.
As a one-woman business, I just couldn't spare the energy for it.
Jessi, however, loves talking to our customers. Conversations build trust and ultimately make SALES.
What could be better than a team member who is not only incredible at her work, but also loves doing it? There's truly no comparison.
Jessi is worth her weight in gold. You will not regret working with her! She's an invaluable member of our team. We plan to keep her on forever! Thank you, Jessi, for all that you do for us.

-Alexandra Puppelo, Founder, Mama & Roo's Babywearing Baby Carriers